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To provide additional transportation options in Eastern Contra Costa County, the fastest growing region in the Bay Area, the Highway 4 Corridor Projects are adding a 10-mile extension of BART into Pittsburg and Antioch. The extension will operate in the median of Highway 4 and will provide frequent, reliable, and high quality rail service by connecting East County with areas already served by BART. This new service will transport as many people as would an additional lane of Highway 4 and will provide an alternative to the heavily congested Highway 4 corridor, a route that currently experiences one of the slowest commutes in the region. Passenger service is projected to commence in Winter 2017/2018.

To optimize the project’s cost-efficiency for taxpayers and riders, this BART segment is being constructed as a new kind of train for the region: one that runs on clean diesel, has level boarding, and is less costly to build than traditional BART trains. For more information, please visit BART’s website at

Construction was split into two separate contracts.


Construction of a transfer platform at the existing Pittsburg /Baypoint Station and construction of guideway improvements in the widened median of Highway 4.


West Bay Builders


$30 million


Construction began in 2010 and was completed in late 2013.


Construction of the parking lot at the Antioch Station and construction of the shell of the Antioch Station Maintenance Facility.


Lathrop Construction


$26 Million


Construction began in 2012 and was completed in August 2014.

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