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Hillcrest Avenue

Erecting Steel for BART Hillcrest Pedestrian Overcrossing

The Hillcrest Avenue segment is the fifth and final construction segment along the main project corridor, ending in the city of Antioch. The project will widen the highway from four to eight lanes, including three mixed flow lanes and one High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane. The project includes a median wide enough to accommodate mass transit (BART), as well as provisions for a new BART station just east of Hillcrest Avenue.

Watch a video walkthrough of the future Antioch BART station.

Phasing Map

Hillcrest Avenue


Bay Cities/Myers, Joint Venture


$56.1 million


Construction began in March 2013 and the segment is expected to be open to traffic in the summer of 2016.

PROJECT UPDATE – February 2017

Milestone Activities

  • Project Completion-February 2017

Recently Completed Work:

  • Completed the construction of the new westbound loop on ramp.
  • Opened the westbound SR4 mainline to full capacity between the SR4 / SR160 connector ramp and A Street / Lone Tree Way.
  • Opened the eastbound SR4 freeway to full capacity between Cavallo Road and the SR4/SR160 connector ramp.
  • Opened the westbound SR4 on ramp ( for southbound Hillcrest Avenue traffic).
  • Opened Hillcrest Avenue to Full Capacity.

Upcoming Work:

  • Punch list work and final clean up


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