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Sand Creek Road Interchange

Sand Creek Road Bridges - Photo courtesy of Karl NielsenThe Sand Creek Road Interchange project continues the Highway 4 corridor improvements through to Brentwood. The project will expand the highway from two lanes to four lanes (two in each direction) from Lone Tree Way to Sand Creek Road. The project also includes the construction of the Sand Creek Road Interchange and the newly added westbound Sand Creek Road undercrossing, and will provide a median wide enough to accommodate mass transit in the future (BART).

Sand Creek Interchange Map


Bay Cities/Myers, Joint Venture


$37 million


Construction began in June 2012 and the segment opened to traffic in October 2014.

PROJECT UPDATE – October 2014

Recently Completed Work:

  • Opened the new westbound SR4 alignment to traffic.
  • Completed pavement delineations for eastbound SR4 alignment
  • Continue placement of new pavement structural section and median on Sand Creek Road.
  • Completed project erosion control measures.
  • Completed placement of drainage and electrical systems.
Sand Creek Road Bridges - Photo courtesy of Karl Nielsen

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