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State Route 160/Highway 4 Direct Connector Ramps

State Route 4 construction.

The existing State Route 160/Highway 4 interchange currently includes only two of the four possible interchange movements: the eastbound Highway 4 to northbound State Route 160 connector ramp, and the southbound State Route 160 to westbound Highway 4 connector ramp. The State Route 160/Highway 4 Direct Connector Ramps project will construct two new connector ramps, one connecting westbound Highway 4 to northbound State Route 160, and one connecting southbound State Route 160 to eastbound Highway 4.

The project scope includes adding an additional 12-foot auxiliary lane to the outside of existing State Route 160 in both directions between the State Route 160/Highway 4 Interchange and the East 18th/Main Street Interchange, as well as building a soundwall extension and retaining walls. The southbound State Route 160/Highway 4 separation structure will accommodate a future BART extension in the median of Highway 4.


The project is funded entirely by $50 million in Bridge Toll Funds.


Construction began in March 2014 and is expected to be complete in mid-2016, weather depending.


Milestone Activities:

  • Completion of southbound SR4/SR160 separation bridge over Highway 4 in Summer 2015.

Recently Completed Work:

  • Completed falsework for the northbound SR 160 viaduct.
  • Began construction of the southbound SR 160 viaduct falsework.
  • Imported 50% of soil needed for the project.

Upcoming Work:

  • Place deck concrete for southbound SR4/SR160 separation bridge over Highway 4.
  • Place concrete for the northbound SR 160 viaduct.

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