On July 20, 2016, a community celebration and ribbon cutting ceremony marked the completion of the Highway 4 Corridor Projects, a monumental collaboration among the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, the California Department of Transportation, BART, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the California Transportation Commission, and the Federal Highway Administration. The midsummer gathering convened public officials and community members to celebrate the culmination of six years of painstaking construction, which involved 40 local vendors representing eight distinct trade professions, including electricians, masons, and teamsters. This project saw more than 1 million cubic yards of material excavated, nearly a quarter million tons of asphalt placed, and 12,775 jobs created.

Looking toward the future, we see the vital importance of the Highway 4 Corridor Projects to East County and the greater Bay Area in terms of mobility, economic revitalization, and multi-modal options for 250,000 East County residents. Notably, these improvements are beginning to have a discernable impact on neighborhood safety by diverting thousands of cars away from the local streets that were notoriously used as cut-through options when highway traffic would grind to a halt. Additionally, these projects continue to bring infrastructure for future potential employment centers to Contra Costa County’s Northern Waterfront District.

On the horizon, the BART extension from Pittsburg to Antioch will be installed in the newly-completed median, and the BART stations at Hillcrest and in Pittsburg are expected to open in the winter of 2017/2018. Also, CCTA is planning the first corridor-to-corridor Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) project to connect with the existing 20-mile I-80 ICM project, making this the longest ICM corridor in the entire country. Designed to actively manage the traffic flow throughout the corridor, the Highway 4 ICM will alert motorists in real-time about the locations of traffic incidents, the approximate length of delays, and the best alternate routes or modes of transportation to take. CCTA anticipates that the Highway 4 ICM will be completed in three years.

“The Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s investment in improving Highway 4 will have a ripple effect across the county and provide tangible benefits not just for East County residents, but for all travelers who live, work or drive through this corridor.”
– Dave Hudson, Chair, Contra Costa Transportation Authority

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority wishes to recognize the elected representatives, partner agencies, construction and engineering teams, and Contra Costa County taxpayers for their partnership and participation in maximizing every dollar of the overall $1.3 billion investment in Highway 4 – an investment that will benefit the motorists, workers, and residents of East County for generations to come.

Thank you for your support!

Contra Costa Transportation Authority