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Highway 4 Corridor Projects Update – Fall 2013

The Highway 4 Corridor Improvements include the highway, its interchanges, and affected local roadways from Pittsburg to Antioch as well as the Sand Creek Interchange and Balfour Road projects near Brentwood. These projects, along with the BART extension (eBART), represent a $1.3 billion dollar investment in the infrastructure of eastern Contra Costa County. The main highway corridor is being widened from four to eight lanes. One lane in each direction will be dedicated to carpools and transit vehicles. But this isn’t just another highway widening project. Transit through the corridor will also be improved when the new eBART line is constructed. The project will add 10 miles of eBART track from Pittsburg Bay Point to a new Antioch station at Hillcrest Avenue.

The five main corridor projects are moving along, with the highway improvements expected to be complete in late 2015. The Loveridge Road and Somersville Road/Auto Center Drive segments are expected to open to traffic in late 2013 (more details below). Crews will set precast girders for the bridge over Contra Loma Boulevard/L Street and will pour the deck for the new bridge over Lone Tree Way/A Street this fall. The building of sound walls, retaining walls and preparing the median for eBART are all in progress.  And work has begun for utility relocation and roadway excavation at Hillcrest Avenue, which will be the site for the new eBART station.

The first stage of construction on the Sand Creek Road Interchange project was completed in late August. Eastbound traffic now travels on the newly-completed eastbound bridge over Sand Creek Road. This is the first step in a series of traffic switches that will culminate in eastbound and westbound traffic traveling on separate, two lane bridges over Sand Creek Road by late 2014, alleviating the bottleneck at this intersection.

Work on the eBART transfer platform at the Pittsburg/Bay Point station is 95% complete, with crews currently working on the track and train control elements. Work is also underway for the eBART station in Antioch at Hillcrest Avenue, where workers are preparing to pave the new parking lot. Work has also begun on the maintenance building and utilities for the station.

Loveridge and Somersville Segments Expected to Open to Traffic in Late 2013

The two westernmost segments of the Highway 4 projects are Loveridge Road and Somersville Road/Auto Center Drive.

Construction on the $74.1 million Loveridge Road segment began in June 2010 and includes expanding the highway from four to eight lanes, including three mixed flow lanes and one High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane in each direction, from just west of Loveridge Road to just west of Somersville Road/Auto Center Drive, and reconstruction of the Loveridge Road interchange.

Construction on the $43.2 million Somersville Road/Auto Center Drive began in March 2011 and includes expanding the highway from four to eight lanes, including three mixed flow lanes and one High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane in each direction, from just west of Somersville Road/Auto Center Drive to just west of Contra Loma Boulevard/L Street, and the reconstruction of the Somersville Road/Auto Center Drive interchange.

Both projects include freeway auxiliary lanes and a median wide enough to accommodate mass transit (eBART).

Major construction on Somersville Road/Auto Center Drive is expected to be complete later this year. The CCTA recently secured funding to accelerate construction on Loveridge Road to complete the freeway lanes on the segment by late 2013 (these dates are weather dependent). A portion of the eastbound lanes from Loveridge Road to Contra Loma Boulevard/L Street is expected to open in November. Click on the schematic below for more information on these lane openings.

The new westbound lanes from Contra Loma/L Street are expected to open in late December. More information will be posted to the website when the details of these lane openings are finalized. Completion of these projects will help alleviate current traffic congestion along the Highway 4 corridor.

Construction Staging Critical to Keeping Traffic Moving on Highway 4

It takes a lot of planning to replace bridges, add lanes, and widen a median on a highway – all while keeping traffic moving at its original capacity. In order to do this, construction is divided into stages that adjust the location of lanes on the highway while new elements are built. The graphic below illustrates this process for the Hillcrest Avenue segment of Highway 4.

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The Highway 4 projects include improvements to the entire project corridor that will help revitalize eastern Contra Costa County. The projects expand Highway 4 from four to eight lanes between Loveridge Road and SR-160, and add a BART extension from Pittsburg to Antioch (eBART). The projects will also expand the highway from two to four lanes from Lone Tree Way to Sand Creek Road. This will greatly improve transit accessibility for the region and help reduce traffic congestion and enhance the quality of life for the more than 250,000 residents of eastern Contra Costa County. The projects have been carefully staged to keep 130,000 vehicles per day moving as major construction and demolition work continue, and include over $1.3 billion in State, Federal, Regional Bridge Toll, and Contra Costa Measures C & J sales tax funds.